TuneECU for windows is no longer supported. Please do not ask for assistance with bugs, crashes, or errors, none will be provided.


TuneECU for Android expands the model listing compatibility, works of bluetooth, and is fully support by the author. It is available in the googleplay store for a modest fee.


What is TuneECU

TuneECU is a software editor that allows the user to modify parameters governing the fueling, ignition timing, and a host of other features, on their motorcycle.

It is a very powerful piece of software developed by Alain Fontaine in 2009. The windows version is freeware.



TuneECU is not a toy, it is a tool.

Improper use will result in engine damage and possible injury or loss of life.


I'm stil working on loading all the tunes for each make model and version, please be patient as I build out the site.

After years of support the tuneecu.com site has closed. This site will remain up as a legacy support page to provide the many thousands of owners with motorcycles that TuneECU for windows works with a repository for files and tunes.


I am still building out the site, please be patient as I populate the various Tune repositories.


Thank you for the years of support and assistance Tom, your time is appreciated!